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Yume / Dead Friend Collective - Split - Cassette

Yume / Dead Friend Collective - Split - Cassette

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Releases November 6th 2020

A 2 track split that shot for the stars, and hit. A more aggressive sounding track from both bands. The usually math-rock, emo fusion we see from Yume is pushed into a full-blown screamo attack. The same goes for Dead Friend Collective, who up until this point has been an improvised acoustic act. This sees DFC approach a full band with complete confidence. Both songs feature technical riffing and cathartic vocal delivery, without sacrificing the melody that both bands have been known for previous. The most ambitious material to date, from both artists. The limited edition cassette is a hand-painted "starburst" edition to match the unique artwork originally titled "Side By Side" by Emily P Townsend.

First Press Cassette: /50 Starburst edition

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