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Yearning - MMXXII - Vinyl

Yearning - MMXXII - Vinyl

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Yearning is four-piece emoviolence band from Montreal, Canada. They take inspiration from the intensity of german style screamo bands such as Republic of Dreams, and Louise Cyphre. Creating fast, short, and amazingly dissonant bursts of energy, Yearning has quickly made an impact on the DIY scene, dropping the first release MMXXII as a surprise after playing only 2 house shows in Kitchener and Toronto, Ontario. Look out for more Yearning soon.

This 10" lathe features completely handmade packaging using glued matboard, and 2 original pencil / pen sketches from Ali Garvin per record., making each one extremlely unique. The entire pressing is limited to 50. Lots of time and effort went into pressing + assembling these. Enjoy the little mistakes if you find them! Thanks for Kurtis + Ali for helping out so much with these.

10" lathe exclusive to No Funeral Records. 12" coming soon.

/50 10" lathe with handmade packaging

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