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Ultra Love - Ultra Love - Vinyl

Ultra Love - Ultra Love - Vinyl

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Ultra Love is a three-piece band from Ottawa, Ontario that consists of Pascale Arpin (guitar/vocals), Eric Elgar (drums/vocals) and Ted Hall (bass). Ultra Love channels the intensity and emotive qualities of late 90s emotional hardcore, post-punk and screamo, while also drawing on numerous other musical influences. With a fervent desire to push beyond formulaic structures and sounds, the three-piece prides itself on producing songs that remain untethered to one musical style. The eclectic nature of Ultra Love’s sound is not by accident as Arpin has expressed that her desire to not be bound to a singular sub-genre is a key part of the perspective she seeks to bring to a style of music that has been, and continues to be, predominantly male-dominated. Together with Elgar and Hall, the three-piece are able to create music that both celebrates and transcends their shared nostalgia for late 90s screamo and post-hardcore, and give it new meaning as a pillar of their own unique sound.

FFO: Black Love, City of Industry, Congratulations

Also available from ZilpZalp Records(GER) and Desperate Infant Records (HK)

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