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Piet Onthel - A Reverse Farewell - 10" Vinyl Lathe

Piet Onthel - A Reverse Farewell - 10" Vinyl Lathe

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Piet Onthel's debut release as a full band. This one man emoviolence project from Malaysia has been consistently releasing music for a number of years before employing the help of a few friends to breathe new life into some old tracks. 8 songs re-imagined with a full band, this is the most impressive Piet Onthel release yet. Fast, heavy, short, spastic emoviolence.

The no funeral version of this release is styled as an "evidence bag." A 10" lathe cute record housed in a file folder within a bag along with stickers and extra content. A unique and special offering for a friend we've loved and respected for so long. 

As much as we hate pre-orders - this release has been delayed too long already. We are waiting on the physical disc to arrive from the cutters. We hope to ship early December but please be patient! We are as bummed as you are.

Lathe limited to 45

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