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Glint - Naive - Cassette

Glint - Naive - Cassette

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Glint is a Montreal-based alternative rock/post-hardcore band. Formed by a longtime group of friends seeking a departure from the chaotic, in-your-face music they were creating in their previous projects, Glint delivers a captivating blend of emotive vocals, catchy melodies, and memorable guitar leads. Drawing inspiration from 90s rock icons like Fugazi, Goo Goo Dolls, and The Pixies, their music combines raw energy with introspective lyrics, resulting in a powerful and resonant sound.


Members of Botfly, Dianacrawls, Frail Hands, Maree Noire + more!
FFO: Title Fight, Spite House, Balance and Composure

first press -
/50 copies on clear cassette with "glint" stamped sticker

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