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Basque - Pain Without Hope Of Healing - Vinyl, Cassette, CD

Basque - Pain Without Hope Of Healing - Vinyl, Cassette, CD

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Basque is a 4-piece screamo band from Kitchener, Ontario. Mixing ethereal dream-like riffs with heavy powerviolence inspired bursts under a droning wall of noise, Basque has brought forth a record that peaks and falls constantly. A unique take on the screamo genre that forgoes a linear progression and embraces a chaotic rise and fall of emotions throughout the short 7 song, 20 minute album. The bleak lyricism on the record touches on modern day capitalism, addiction issues, confessional repentance, and inescapable melancholy. Pairing the simple yet dismal words with the mathematical intensity of the instruments, it is undeniable that Pain Without Hope Of Healing is a highly personal and emotionally charged project. 


Vinyl - Limited edition of 110 Half Clear / Half White with DIY packaging (Basque/No Funeral exclusive)

Vinyl - Limited edition of 218 Clear w. Black Splatter with DIY packaging

CD's limited to 50 in North America and 50 in Japan

No Funeral cassette limited to /25




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