Votive - Wilting

Votive - Wilting


Wilting is the debut from Votive, an emotional hardcore
band from Austin, TX featuring former and current
members of heavyweights like Portrayal of Guilt,
Respire, and Gas Up Yr Hearse! The EP features five
caustic and violent songs, evocative of classic screamo,
European emoviolence, d-beat, and crust.

FFO: Yearning, Ostraca, Angry Son, Blind Girls

Votive is
Kyle Rotta - vocals (ex-Gas Up Yr Hearse!)
Rohan Lilauwala - guitar (Respire, ex-Foxmoulder)
Blake Given - bass, (ex-Portrayal of Guilt, Lyed)
Eli Dietz - drums (Porcelain, Shitbag)